How to respond to threats in the private sector

How to respond to threats (8 hours training)

What ?

Threat prevention is a priority for us all.

Following the terrorist attacks that have tragically affected our country, our consultancy company FIBER SECURITY decided to share its expertise and its training courses provided in private companies. We are therefore offering different training modules to public administrations, educational establishments, airports and railway stations; indeed, to
anyone who could potentially be faced with a threat.

Our mission is mainly preventive, informative and educational through teaching and proposing specific and suitable measures. To address the current legitimate concern, but also to avoid entering into a psychosis that would be both harmful and unhelpful, FIBER SECURITY is offering to teach the most reassuring and comforting responses and essential procedures to follow in case of violent aggression and/or a terrorist threat. These measures are necessary for the security and safety of all of us. From now on, our main objective will be to reduce the risks inherent to any threat. To this end, we will help you to understand such situations, anticipate the right decisions and adopt the appropriate behaviour that might make it possible to save lives. Our role will also be to make you aware of your responsibilities and train you to analyse situations and react effectively, in a spirit of responsible civic mutual assistance.
To achieve this, we are offering you security training based on lockdown and evacuation, together with the issuing of key safety instructions and internal audits. These audits consist of studying the configuration of a school building (entrances and exits), trying to improve security, creating one or more lockdown rooms, etc.

We will identify the risks, the conditioned prevention and protection responses appropriate for different potentially dangerous situations, while highlighting the preventive measures and behaviours to adopt in case of threats or danger.

  • Understanding the issues surrounding the prevention of attack risks
  • Taking on board the concept of risks and the different types of risk
  • Raising awareness of the importance of security
  • Teaching life-saving behaviours and responses
  • Raising awareness in order to better prepare for a dangerous situation
  • Implementing actions or making improvements to ensure the best possible
  • Adopting the appropriate behaviour to deal with dangerous situations (explosion,
    armed attack, panic, evacuation, lockdown, a suspect bag or parcel, etc)
  • Remaining vigilant on a daily basis
  • Observing and relaying information
  • Identifying and describing a threat
  • Escaping and/or hiding in the event of an attack
  • Giving first aid
  • How to act and relay information to law enforcement agencies

How ?

  • Prevention
  • Dangers and modus operandi of terrorism
  • Break-ins
  • Bomb threat
  • Suspect letters and parcels
  • Presence of suspicious person(s)
  • Introduction to Profiling
  • Run / Hide / Fight: internal intrusion / external intrusion
  • Smoke and its dangers
  • First aid in major risk situations
  • Psychosocial risks

Who ?

Our training courses are led by experts in the field whose efficiency, rigour, discretion, motivation and professionalism are an integral part of their daily lives.

Our workshops “How to respond to threats” lasts 8 hours.