Security Audits

Fiber security audits sécuritaires


Our audits, led by highly skilled analysts, allow us to detect any security flaws and offer extensive securing solutions for the specific issues.

Our work is divided in three successive steps:

  • A comprehensive assessment, including a general introduction of the company and a detailed analysis of daily activities.
    This step will be led by the head of the company and FIBER SECURITY.
  • A close look of the general state of the company, focused on the detection/analysis of risk factors.
    This step will be led by FIBER SECURITY in conjunction with the authorities responsible in this matter (police, firemen, company’s security personnel…).
    At the conclusion of the inspection, we can issue recommendations to improve the company’s security.
  • FIBER SECURITY will determine security breaches and flaws within the company while bringing solutions to reduce security threats.


FIBER SECURITY can map out requirement specifications for every contractor involved, and set up procedures and their follow-ups. Because every company has a legal duty to ensure its employees and visitors’ safety, a security audit is a measure that would make a lot of sense. With this in mind, the company’s risks analysis will also include specific approaches based on critical places and/ or targets.