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We teach simple steps that can save lives in extreme situations.

What are Fiber Security’s activities and goals?
Fiber Security is a consulting company specialized in security, intended for private companies, public administrations, schools, and any person facing a potential threat.

Its goal is preventive. The objectives of Fiber Security are: To lessen the risk of threats as much as possible by making the right decisions and adopting the behaviors that can save lives. To empower everyone in embracing individual and collective solidarity. Through its internal workshops, Fiber Security teaches the preventive measures to take on in the event of a conflict or threat, that is essential to the security of every employee and client. How to reduce risks, what behavior to adopt and what reactions to have when facing potential threats.
Our workshops are led by seasoned experts whose skilled efficiency, rigor, discretion and professionalism are daily routine.

What brought you to create Fiber Security together? Was it a reasonable decision and/or good timing?
Actually, both. We’ve known each other for 30 years, our friendship started with a shared passion for combat sport. Two years ago, we thought about creating a partnership. We were both professionally active, but we felt it was the right time to make our idea a reality.

How do you bring together your respective skills within Fiber Security?
BW: Philippe has had 30 years of experience and expertise in security. He has been, and still is, a pillar to the security of the Jewish community in Belgium; he’s served as a bodyguard to multiple international celebrities passing through our country. He also operated with the crisis unit after the attack at the Jewish museum.

PS: Indeed, we put our heads together after the major-scale terrorist attacks in Belgium. In the past, the Jewish community had been the main target. Nowadays, terrorism can take aim at any one of us. Bernard and I make all the strategic decisions as a team. Bernard is also the company’s administrator. An accomplished businessman, he has built many companies from the ground up throughout the years. His analysis and interpretation skills are invaluable.

What services do you offer?
Fiber Security develops its activity around three approaches: Security Trainings: War on terror, profiling training, conflict management (violence parents- teachers). Security Audit (Risk assessment for building, house, stadium, airport, …). Equipment sales (intended for law enforcement and security personnel).

Who are the trainings for? And what are the different options?
It is intended for any individual or corporate body, schools (mandatory in France), European institutions, public administrations, business centers, malls, festivals, … And ideally, the 8-hour training modules will be taught within the company.

The workshops can also be divided in two 4-hour training modules. We break it down in two steps: Theoretical (Threat identification, preventive measures to follow, and behaviors to adopt). Practical (individual and collective role-play and interactive exercises). We can adapt our training to the client’s needs.