Training for private companies


Identifying the threat

  • How to identify and describe a threat
  • How to report and analyze direct/indirect dangers
  • How to observe and relay information


Preventive measures

  • How to reduce risks
  • What actions to take and reactions to adopt when facing a threat
  • How to raise awareness and empower your staff to take part in a pre-established emergency plan
  • How to react and alert people
  • What procedures to follow in the event of an alert


Make the right decision within the first few seconds

The right behavior to adopt in the event of:

A suspicious package, letter or bag – A bomb threat – An explosion – An armed attack – A state of panic – A lockdown (how to shelter and hide) – An evacuation (how to move alone or in group) – A need for first aid in a critical situation – The police intervention – A hostile environment…

The behavior to adopt in the event of a threat can appear to be simple common sense, but in a state of fear or panic, our reactions can become slightly harder to manage.

Interactive workshops focused on lockdown and evacuation will be offered, through individual and collective role-play, based on the pre-examined theoretical section.

Our workshops take half a day (4 hours) or a whole day (7 hours)